Meet The Attorneys

John C. ChowningJohn C. Chowning

Attorney John C. Chowning joined the law firm of Chowning, Edgar and Wagner in 1988. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and his Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University in 1985. His specialty of practice is Worker’s Compensation, representing innumerable clients with successful claims.

Mr. Chowning offers a special capacity to absorb, understand and promote the needs of all individuals represented by the firm. His knowledge and experience affords clients with aid and relief related to Veteran’s Administration issues. Mr. Chowning pursues claims with diligence and expertise. He has served as the senior partner at the firm since 2000. His perspective and insight offer unique and supportive backdrop to his counsel and help for all clients.

Jim D. EdgarJim D. Edgar

Attorney Jim D. Edgar has practiced law in the State of Michigan for more than 25 years. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Central Michigan University in 1980 and his Juris Doctor degree from Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan in 1983. He joined the firm in 1996 and has practiced exclusively in the area of Worker’s Compensation Law for more than 25 years.

Mr. Edgar offers a unique and special ability to manage the rigors of Worker’s Compensation Law, as well as the complexities and subtleties of medical documentation. He has litigated countless successful Worker’s Compensation claims for individuals injured as a result of their employment. His wide array of experience in other areas of law also provides an excellent and well-rounded perspective to his clients.

Richard P. WagnerRichard P. Wagner

Attorney Richard P. Wagner has practiced law since 1995. He obtained an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Wayne State University in 1990. He completed his Juris Doctor degree at Wayne State University in 1995. Mr. Wagner joined the firm in 1997. He specializes in Worker’s Compensation and Social Security Disability Law.

Mr. Wagner has acquired extensive medical knowledge related to Worker’s Compensation and Social Security claims that require detailed interpretation and understanding of medical documentation. He also offers an astute understanding of pension, employment contract, and insurance law. His vast experience in these areas is especially helpful when assisting disabled persons who have special needs and must deal with bureaucracies and administrative rules that can be overwhelming.

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